There are 3 computer options:

1) Built in PC

2) Built in Mac

3) User's own laptop


The PC has Powerpoint; the Mac has Powerpoint and Keynote.  Both have the web conference software, GoToMeeting. There’s a USB to each to upload your files.


Because there are now multiple computers, you will need to make sure the sound and video are coming from the correct source.   

The video switcher goes to 3 displays: left projector, right projector, and lectern.   

The USB switcher goes to 2 devices: audio, and keyboard/mouse. 



1) Set the 3 displays to PC, using the video switcher buttons.

2) Set the 2 USB devices to PC, using the USB switcher buttons.

3) Load your files use USB cable for PC.

4) Launch GoToMeeting if you're hosting a web conf.



1) Same, except set to Mac. 

2) Same, except set to Mac. 

3) Same, except cable for Mac. 

4) Same. 



1) Connect cable.  It's VGA, so make sure you have an adapter if you need one. 

2) Set the video switcher buttons for the 2 projector displays to LAPTOP. You probably won't be looking at the lectern display.

3) Ignore the USB switcher; your laptop doesn't go to it.  If you want to use the audio device for web conference, you can physically plug it into your laptop's USB port.  You won't need the lectern's keyboard/mouse.

4) If you want to host a web conference, you will need to install GoToMeeting on your laptop in advance.  It's easy to do and pretty harmless.  The first time you use it, you will need the department account log in.